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ED Is Not a Punchline, and Should Never Have Been

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It is depicted every day as a punchline. Little jabs, jokes, underhanded comments, and looks that simply say – “You are not really a man.” Whether it is a flagpole standing tall waving its flag, a little soldier at attention, or a “hold-up” or a “stick-up,” euphemisms are used to express a man’s manliness based on his performance in this area.

Commercials advertising help, solutions, and medication are joked about over meals and in the break room at work, and the man struggling with this simply smiles and laughs along with a nervous, quiet laugh, hoping his secret will never be known.

In his mind, he struggles to see the humor in his shame, and believes in his heart that he is alone in this battle. In reality, this issue is very common –

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