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The Psychology Behind Sexuality – Why Do We Think Bigger Is Better

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Our sexuality is what defines us as humans. Of course, the primary goal is to continue the species. There is much more to sex than the strong evolutionary urge to propagate.

Having sexual encounters can also be a source of sensual gratification. Enjoyment and excitement. Yes, even pure joy. We get more excited about being sexual when our boobs, dicks, shoulders, and butts are larger.

The thrill of touching and being caressed by another warm and seductive huge body, the building anticipation of sexual release, the peak ecstasy of orgasm, and the throbbing, tranquil afterglow of relaxation that follows climax are all earthly and earthly delights of the flesh. Bigger Boobs Big, fully formed boobs in a woman who has never given birth may indicate sexual maturity and fertility in males.

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