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Jolt Your Imagination Awake With These 7 Tips

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If we toss seeds on the hard-packed ground, the chances of them taking root and producing healthy plants are minimal. However, if we plough and till the ground (that is, mix it up, break it apart, make it “less” solid and more “loose”) the chances of a variety of seeds (both those we purposely sow and those that serendipitously fall) will find a way to grow in the loose soil.

In the same way, if we start a brainstorming session cold with a serious, uptight facilitator throwing out questions and problems to a stiff, conservative group, the chances of producing healthy ideas is minimal.

Enjoy these seven tips on how to loosen up the group to energize their imagination. Imagination tip #1: Symbol Ask participants to draw a personal symbol that metaphorically symbolizes their view about creativity.

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