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10 Effective And Powerful Yoga Mudras To Bring Balance To Your Body

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If you ever wondered how to gain perfect health, increase your psychic abilities, and enhance the energy flow in your body? We can propose to you some specific hand gestures called yoga mudras that can help bring your body and mind into alignment. What Does Mudra Represent In Yoga?  Mudra means ‘hand gesture’ in Sanskrit, and it is used in many Buddhist and Hindu rituals in ritual dances to convey a specific meaning.

These mudras are usually practiced with hands and fingers to ease the energy flow. They represent some non–verbal communication and are used in Yoga and different meditation techniques together with Pranayama to increase concentration and alertness.

They are usually practiced in a cross-legged position such as Sukhasana, Virasana, or Padmasana. They include physical movements that can boost your mood or life attitude.

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