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3 Famous Case Studies That Prove the Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship

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The New Yorker bought some, played with it, loved it and wrote about it in the next issue of the magazine.Peter Hodgson never had to worry about money again.

He received 250,000 orders for his Silly Putty over the next three days, and when he died in 1976, Hodgson was worth $140 million.The moral of the story is that sometimes nothing beats some good old-fashioned PR when trying to spread the word about a new product.In the 1950s, Bette Nesmith Graham was a single mom who worked at a bank as a secretary.

Although she was not a great secretary and made a lot of typos, she was an excellent artist. So every year, the bank had her paint the Christmas scene for the bank’s windows.One year, she made a mistake while painting the holiday scene,.

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