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Meet a Glowing 72-Year-Old Woman in Peak Fitness

ADVERTISEMENT Of course, she doesn’t deprive herself of treats, enjoying a pastry for breakfast and a glass of red wine each night. Also, she allows herself ‘naughty snacks’ each night before bed.The glowing 72-year-old acknowledged that she naturally has a ‘straight up and down’ body type. While she resembles a supermodel, Norma says that fitness looks different for everyone.

Some people can maintain their health and appear thin, while others need more muscle.In reality, how self-confident and whole you feel inside offers the most critical indicator of wellness. If you start on your mental and emotional health, you’ll naturally start to glow on the outside.Norma explained what she thinks the perfect body looks like: “For me, an excellent shape is an upright body without excess fat, a good waistline, a flattish front (some of us will always have a small tummy) and toned from tip to toe.” ADVERTISEMENT “An excellent shape is not to be defined by height nor figure type. You can be small or tall.

You can be curvy or straight up and down (my husband’s nickname for me when I’m tanned is “liquorish stick”). Or you can be anything in between.”“So, I am not talking fashion or glamour model stereo types here. I am talking about the body we all know to be great when we see it,” she said.

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT   A post shared by Norma Williams (@spoletorentals)On Quora, Norma described her daily exercise routine and eating habits to remain self-confident and healthy. She said she’s been working out since her early 20s and switches up her exercise regimen often. This helps break up the monotony of workouts while challenging her to new routines.Her latest regimen included two vigorous Zumba classes a week plus a third Zumba

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