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New Research Links Apple Cider Vinegar To A Better Mood

Recent research shows that apple cider vinegar can improve your mood and promote mental health. This fermented beverage has a history as a home remedy, but its effects on mood have only recently been discovered. While there aren’t many studies regarding the topic, the existing ones prove the benefits.Whether you have depression or have just been in a bad mood lately, vinegar can help.

Health enthusiasts swear by it, but now it can help everyone else, too. Even if you don’t enjoy the taste, you’ll appreciate the health effects.Researchers from Arizona State University wanted to find out if vinegar played a role in mental health. They believed it might be related because of the gut-brain connection of apple cider vinegar.

For the study, the researchers found 25 healthy college students to test. ADVERTISEMENT They spent four weeks giving half of the students a placebo pill and the other half an apple cider vinegar drink. The placebo pill smelled like vinegar, so the subjects believed they had the real deal.

However, the drug didn’t have acetic acid, the main active ingredient in vinegar.Those with the ACV drink had one cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar mixed in. They sipped on the drink each day throughout the study.During the four-week trial, students maintained their regular diet and exercise routines. They completed questionnaires about their mood and gave urine samples before and after the study.The results showed that the drink proved beneficial for mood and brain health.

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