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10 Captivating Audiobooks for Middle Grade Readers

By Roald Dahl Narrated by Kate WinsletMatilda combines all the elements of a Roald Dahl classic: awful teachers and caregivers, brilliant kids, a ton of humor, and a little bit of magic. For decades, middle grade readers have loved rooting for whip-smart (and superpowered) Matilda as she struggles to triumph over parents who keep her down and a downright monstrous head of school, Ms.

Trunchbull. The dulcet and expressive tones of actress Kate Winslet will grab listeners, as she brings the story to life with energy and warmth.Buy Matilda on Amazon (#CommissionsEarned)[Read: 8 Perfect Books For Reluctant Readers]By J.K Rowling Narrated by Jim DaleYou don’t need to be a fantasy fan to fall under the spell of the Potter-verse, especially when it’s voiced by Jim Dale.

A former Broadway actor who worked with Lawrence Olivier, Dale has earned 10 Audie awards, 23 Earphone awards, and an MBE from Queen of England for his narration work in children’s lit. Dale created 200 distinct character voices for the Potter series, which took him more than 8 years to record.

Get kids invested in the first book, and your summer plan will be set in (sorcerer’s) stone.Buy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Amazon (#CommissionsEarned)By Dusti Bowling Narrated by Karissa VackerWhen Aven Green, a 13-year-old girl born without arms, moves to Arizona so her family can run a dilapidated theme park, she is ready for the questions she’ll get about her limb difference. She is not ready, though, for the unexpected friendship she’ll find with Connor, a boy who has Tourette's Syndrome, as well as the mystery they’ll uncover together in the theme park.

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