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Jay Shetty and the Quest for Brand Fulfillment

and ability to make ancient spiritual teachings feel accessible to a broad audience.His biography plays a huge role in that ability. After a childhood in London in and out of trouble, he attended business school and dreamed of a workaday middle-class existence before meeting a Hindu monk who was giving a talk at Shetty’s university.

Captivated by the man’s radiant calm and happiness, Shetty introduced himself and eventually found his way to an ashram in India where he spent some three years living in conditions most of his audience now would consider deprived: hand-washing his robes, sleeping in a building made of cow dung, waking before dawn to take cold showers, meditating, studying, fasting.When it became clear to Shetty and to his fellow monks that his purpose would be best served outside that monastic existence—that he should leave and pursue the sorts of passions in which he now thrives—he initially found himself heartbroken and adrift. Yet it turned out there was a market for someone who had immersed himself in the sacred, ancient teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, lived the life of a true ascetic, and returned to the short-attention-span Western world to help the rest of us and our surroundings.

Shetty threw himself into communicating his learnings, via speaking engagements and a knack for making inspirational viral videos. In short order, he became not just a guy suddenly free to grow out his hair, but a full-blown sensation.* * *Now, if you’re following Brand Jay Shetty, it’s worth wondering where an ex-monk goes after joining a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately media landscape.

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