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Dear Sia and Hollywood, Stop Hiring Ableds to Play Autistic People

“Music” is a film coming out soon directed and written by musician Sia. It stars Maddie Ziegler as a non-speaking autistic character whose special interest is, you guessed it, music. Sia, after posting the trailer on Twitter, started receiving backlash from the autistic and disability communities, which I think is well deserved.

Ziegler did mention in an article that she researched autism in order to portray it. No amount of research is enough to understand how their neurological system works. Autistics don’t get many chances to be heard. It also hurts a little bit to see a neurotypical imitate stimming, even if it is an homage rather than an insult. Autistics are all so different. We all have different sensory issues and stimming habits. I

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