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Thoughts From a Daughter Turned Caregiver

I look at pictures in my albums of a man who I always will admire. He is not perfect, he’s made mistakes in parenting and being a husband, but he is a good man.

He went into the marines at the young age of 18. This was in the middle of his training to be a chef.

After Vietnam, he came home with scars no one could see. In the ’70s, he grew the famous Magnum P.I.

Mustache that always gave my cheeks a rash when I got kisses. In the ’80s, my sister and I would sit in the back of the station wagon he drove and make faces at the people driving behind us.

In the ’90s, he worked a lot to give us the opportunities he didn’t get as an Italian/Irish boy, living nearby Boston Mass. He also dealt with having a child born with a hole in his heart and

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