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NASCAR Driver Hailie Deegan to Receive Sensitivity Training After Using R-Word

What happened: At an iRacing event on Twitch over the weekend, 19-year-old NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan used the R-word, an ableist slur toward people with disabilities, when referring to a driver who was getting close behind her, according to CBS Sports. Deegan has since apologized for her use of the R-word on Twitter. She will have to take sensitivity training before the start of the 2021 NASCAR season.

The Frontlines: The R-word is a slur that has been used to insult people with intellectual disabilities, and it’s highly offensive and violent toward the disability community.

Using the R-word as an insult insinuates that people with intellectual disabilities are not smart, which has historically been used to strip people with disabilities Family people insult

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