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Donald Kelly—The Sales Evangelist—Is Out to Create a Community of World-Class Sellers

If you want to make money, he thought at the time, you need to figure out something. Although he didn’t turn a profit on the mangoes, the itch to sell stuck. Now Kelly, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a sales expert who shares tips, tricks and advice to salespeople across the country.

He runs The Sales Evangelist, a consulting firm, and hosts podcast, which has over 1,200 episodes and 2.5 million total downloads. He has a new book on the way, too, with an apt title: .Kelly, 37, was born in the Kingston area of Jamaica.

When he was 6 years old, his mom moved to Florida for work. Kelly lived with his aunt until he was 9, at which point he moved to the U.S.

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Donald Kelly