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Live Webinar on January 10: Focus on Inattentive ADHD: The Under-Diagnosed and Under-Treated Subtype

Not available January 10? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.ADHD’s three distinct subtypes were first recognized in the 1994 update to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), however confusion over the subtypes’ differences persists even today.

This appears particularly true of the “Predominantly Inattentive” (PI) subtype, which is characterized by symptoms of distractibility, failure to complete work, forgetfulness, and disorganization. People with the predominantly inattentive ADHD — many of them women diagnosed later in life — experience the same problems paying attention that are typical of ADHD, but they face fewer of the difficulties related to impulse control seen in the Combined subtype.Because inattentive children exhibit fewer behavior-management problems, PI is not always recognized and diagnosed in childhood, and this under-recognition can persist into adulthood.

This is particularly true for girls with ADHD, who are more likely than boys to have the PI subtype. Research and clinical experience show clearly, however, that difficulties with attention — even when not accompanied by impulsivity or hyperactivity — can lead to significant functional impairment and distress in higher education, the workplace, and in social interactions.

When PI is diagnosed and treated early, individuals can work to manage symptoms and take better control of the condition.In this webinar, you will learn about:Have a question for our expert? There will be an opportunity to post questions for the presenter during the live webinar.Dr. Mary Solanto is professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the Hofstra/Northwell School of Medicine (Long Island, N.Y.).

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