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5 Ways to Choose the Right ADHD Therapist for Your Child

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Q:  I was told a therapist could help my child, who has ADHD, with his behavioral issues. How do I choose a therapist and what can I expect in the way of treatment practices?A: Many mental-health professionals are adequately trained to address behaviors that accompany ADHD.

Finding the right therapist to work with your child is an important task; the therapist you choose will work closely with your child, and with you.How will you know if a therapist is the right choice for your child?The therapist you choose should be experienced in working with children who have ADHD.

Make sure they have the requisite experience by reading their bio online. You might also consider reviewing the therapist’s licenses, certifications, post-graduate training, years of experience, roles in professional associations, availability, mission statement, and fee structure.

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