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Free Resource: Introducing Your Child to a New Teacher

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You may opt out at any time. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . Your child is smart, creative, and kind. She also has ADHD — which, unfortunately, can lead to behavior or attention problems that can cause friction with teachers, especially if they’re not familiar with ADHD or learning disabilities.As a parent, it’s your responsibility to reach out to the teacher — ideally before the first day of school — and explain how ADHD or LD affects your child: what her challenges are, what steps can be taken to move past them, and where she shines.

This guide can help you do just that, letting you craft an introductory letter to start the school year on the right foot.Use the included sample letters to:Plus, this guide includes tips geared specifically towards your child, encouraging her to write her own letter to the teacher, explaining her strengths and weaknesses.

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