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12 Hurtful, Misogynistic Comments Women with ADHD Hear

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gender role observations or judgements have, intentionally or otherwise, harmed and haunted them on their journeys with ADHD.“I was told by a high school math teacher that it ‘wasn’t worth her time’ to stay after school to give me extra help to understand the lessons she taught. I will never forget how worthless this teacher made me feel.” — Rebecca, Rhode Island“‘You’re sabotaging yourself.’ I’ve spent my life being told I am to blame for my chaos.

These words are familiar to so many with ADHD, but this one sticks in my mind because it was a comment from someone working specifically to help me with my ADHD! It’s devastating to be told, time and time again, that my struggles are my fault when I’m working so hard.” — An ADDitude Reader“Every report card I ever got talked about unrealized potential.

And apparently I was ‘moody’ and a ‘day dreamer.’ It all hurt so much.” — Cathy“Flaky. Forgetful. Late. Messy.

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