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How Dysregulated Emotions Hijack the Teen ADHD Brain

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Emotional dysregulation smacks into all parts of teen life – from friendships and romantic relationships to school performance and even social media use.

The latter is particularly troubling (and increasingly unavoidable), especially following reports linking Instagram use to poor mental-health outcomes for teen girls, who cited body image problems and even suicidal thoughts in a 2021 research study, according to The Wall Street Journal.Though a powerful medium for connection, social media use may have a real, negative impact on teen mental health, as ongoing reports continue to show.1 Cyberbullying, exposure to extremism, and manipulation (sexual and financial) are risks inherent in online use, as is addiction that stems from an over-reliance on online relationships.Emotionally dysregulated teens – already more sensitive to peer rejection and acceptance than are neurotypical peers – may be particularly vulnerable to these risks and effects of social media use.The first step to protecting teens from online relationship risks is to understand how ADHD and emotional dysregulation impact all of their relationships – IRL and on their phones — and then arm them with healthy strategies for working through their very big feelings.

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