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5 Daily Non-Negotiables of Women Who Are Always Confident

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I came into this world with certain attributes that took no effort: my almond-shaped eyes, my obsession for anything peanut butter and chocolate, and my more-than-I-care-to-admit muscular calves (thanks, Dad).

Confidence, on the other hand, is a trait I can say, without a doubt, I was not blessed with from day one. In fact, self-esteem is an unfamiliar feeling I struggle with.

But confidence is a learned skill that takes practice, much like riding a bike or mastering a new language—something I gleaned from Jessica Chang-Irish, founder of Jessica Chang Consulting and a coach who trains women to speak and carry themselves more confidently.So how does Chang-Irish define confidence? “Confidence isn’t about being self-assured all the time,” she stated. “Rather, it’s a practice of self-awareness, acknowledging your value and gifts as well as your insecurities, and having the courage to break through those insecurities and do the hard things anyway—whether it be getting a new job, putting yourself back out in the dating scene, or recovering from an injury.

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