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Study: Virtual Reality Game Detects ADHD Symptoms in Children

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January 19, 2023Virtual reality (VR) games may be used to accurately and objectively diagnose ADHD symptoms in children, according to a team of Finland-based researchers.

Their newly developed VR game, Executive Performance in Everyday LIving (EPELI), performed better than standard behavioral tests in distinguishing children with ADHD from those without ADHD in a small study of 76 subjects.

According to the study, “EPELI showed predictive validity as the ADHD group exhibited higher percentage of irrelevant actions reflecting lower attentional-executive efficacy and more controller movements and total game actions, both indicative of hyperactivity-impulsivity.”1Unlike the questionnaires, interviews, and clinical observations commonly used to assess ADHD, EPELI simulates tasks that occur in everyday life.

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