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8 Vital Questions About ADHD Medications for Children: Side Effects, Med Breaks & More

Decades of research establish that medication, particularly stimulant medication, effectively treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Still, questions and concerns about ADHD medications for children abound — and for good reason.

For one, the process of finding the right medication, formulation, and dosage for a child is rarely straightforward. Side effects, medication rebound effects, and coexisting conditions must all enter the equation.

But the list of key factors doesn't stop there.During Dr. Walt Karniski's recent webinar on ADHD medications for children, we asked nearly 1,000 attendees, "What is the biggest obstacle to starting or managing ADHD medication for your child?" Here are the answers they gave:Comments and questions from webinar attendees provide deeper insight into caregivers' myriad concerns and questions regarding the use of ADHD medication to treat children."How do we, as parents, select an ADHD medication that would work best for our child?""Why do we have to experiment with several drugs in order to find the right medications for the specific issues for our children?""Is it common to not have success with the first medication prescribed?""I see many patients who have tried three or more stimulants, still searching for the 'right one.'""How do you know when a medication is working? When do you throw in the towel?""How do we know if we need to just up the dosage or try a new medication?""What changes in behavior should I be looking for in order to deem a medication effective?""If medications do not seem to help with symptoms even after allowing time for them to take effect, what other types of medications or interventions do you suggest?""My son started taking ADHD

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