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Why A Mother Doesn’t Want To Be Touched

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Up until the point that I had become a mother, I was the most affectionate wife in the world. Honestly, I was probably more touchy-feely than my husband.However, as a mother, I spend most of my days chasing two small children around the house.

And on a hard day, I feel like a wreck at the end of it. Recently, my husband came home from work after a long day. It had been a long day for me, for sure.

Both of my little ones were sick. They had a bad cold, and for the greater part of my day, I had tried to soothe one from the verge of tears and screaming back to a calm place, while gently rocking another who didn’t want to leave my arms.I’m pretty sure that by the time my husband made it home, we were all in tears.

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