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How Your Heart, Experiences and Voice Can Help Change the World

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I have always found writing to be a great way to make meaning of my world. As an introvert, I tend to live a lot in my head asking questions like, “Who am I, really?” and, “Am I living out my true purpose?” It only made sense that I used writing to help me identify and grow my career as well.

I studied video and film in college. After graduation, I was ready to take on the world by producing important documentaries about refugees in middle America and demonstrating how youth were taking the lead in the green movement.

Instead, I found myself in a year-long job running errands for big TV executives in New York City. On the days I felt I didn’t have enough energy to make yet another coffee run, I got back in touch with my desire to travel, learn a new language and culture, and serve in some meaningful way.

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