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What Is Human Design, and Is It the Key to Unlocking Your Life Purpose?

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zodiac signs and am a fan of the Enneagram, learning about Human Design left me in awe. No matter how much I identify with the Type 2 Enneagram and how many times friends tell me “that’s so Libra of you,” finding my Human Design type didn’t just tell me the information I already knew but gave me insight into how I’m meant to live.

Let’s let the experts explain.According to Dana Stiles and Shayna Cornelius, Human Design experts and cofounders of Dayluna, Human Design is Astrology meets Myers-Briggs–but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Created by Alan Krakower (who used the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu), Human Design is a very specific and detailed system to learn more about your emotions, energy centers, and life purpose.

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