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Educator and Life Coach Marcia Hunter on Living Your Purpose and Following Your Dreams

,” Banks says. Right away, she felt Hunter had the ability to see when something was holding her students back, whether it was related to the subject matter in class or external factors outside of the college.Even Banks, who describes herself as “a pretty private person,” soon found herself sharing what was really going on. Her professor had a knack for getting her to open up.

Not only would Hunter call to hear how things were going, but she’d listen for the wavering uncertainty in Banks’ voice that meant maybe things weren’t going as well as she’d want them to. “She interacted with me with intention, to make sure that I was successful,” Banks says.All her life, Hunter has been combining psychology with social service. As a life coach, she encourages people and organizations to dream big and act boldly.

Her new book, —which features a foreword from renowned author and motivational speaker Les Brown—outlines a six-step plan for .“The book starts with dreaming—solidifying the definition and ,” Hunter explains. “A lot of times, people have a negative connotation of dreaming; they’ll say, ‘Oh, she’s just a dreamer, all she does is daydream.’”Hunter encourages readers to look at dreaming in a positive light: as not just a faraway fantasy but a meaningful first step toward achieving something great. After all, many of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs are dreamers.

But they have the will and skill to —something Hunter’s book helps with, with insight into and other practical strategies for dreamers.“It’s OK to dream,” Hunter proposes. “Once it’s OK to dream, what are you going to do with that dream?”Dream Achievement also deals with mindset and leadership. Before we can lead others, Hunter says, “.”Banks recalls

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