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50 Witch Quotes That Will Show You What It Really Means to Be A Witch

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These witch quotes will help erase the stereotypical image of a witch and replace it with what a witch really is: a very powerful and wise woman. What do you picture when I say “witch”? I’m going to guess that you see someone ugly: an old woman with green skin, oily black hair, a long nose with a mole at the end, and a wide, sinister grin.

She’s probably got a broomstick in her hand and a black cat at her feet. Or perhaps you’re picturing the opposite: Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz?

Either way, wipe that image away and picture your typical woman instead. Nowadays a witch can look however she wants. She might look like Glinda, or she might look a little gothy, or she might look like Katie from your Tuesday morning yoga class.

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