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20 Ways to Deal With the Regrets That Will Kill You

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college is a scam, home ownership is vile, voting is useless, jobs suck, my dad had horrific relationships as a kid that I was afraid I was doomed to repeat – are among a few of the issues that resulted in death threats or lost friends and lost family.A lion doesn’t give it’s prey a chance to explain before it eats the prey.But show me a regret and I will also show you something to be grateful for.We only grow by solving difficult gratitude problems.

Literally: our brains neurons connect in new ways that save our lives later.If I ask questions I’m always afraid there might be a moment of embarrassment.

If I don’t ask questions, I know I will have a lifetime of embarrassment.But I know it’s never too late. I’ve reinvented my life 17 times. I.

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