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This Hallmark Movie Is the First to Feature Two Lead Actors With Down Syndrome

How many teens or 20-somethings get to do something so consequential that it raises hopes, dreams, and possibilities for millions of people, while changing society as a whole? Two young, seasoned actors who happen to have Down syndrome are doing just that with their new Hallmark movie, “Color My World With Love.” This is the first Hallmark movie to feature actors with Down syndrome in lead roles.

Lily Moore, age 19, has been acting since 2014 amassing over 23 acting credits. She is best known for the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” where she plays Rebecca. Lily started acting classes at age 6 because several medical conditions left her unable to participate in physical activities many children take for granted. To date, she has had 11 major surgeries. Lily took to acting right away, and it wasn’t long before it was obvious to her family and others that she was a very good actress. Lily is also an experienced model. She learned early to make the most of her talents and always has a positive and strong attitude. Lily’s mantra is “Everybody has an inner star. No matter what it is, find it and let it shine.” She is a senior in high school and lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

David DeSanctis, age 29, is best known for playing the role of Produce in “Where Hope Grows” in 2014. He was the first actor with Down syndrome to star in a nationally distributed film. David’s outgoing and witty personality was well known in his hometown of Louisville, KY. The producers of the film were searching for someone exactly like David, and were steered his way by David’s community. The rest is history. David is a national public speaker who has presented to audiences all over the country displaying his love of fun, dance, and witty

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