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5 Things Successful Women Do Before Bedtime

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TikTok, abandoning our skincare regimen, drinking caffeine, texting our ex, etc. These things don’t set us up for the get-up-and-go energy we need the following day, and when we have things to do and goals to meet, who has the time for that?I love a productive morning routine as much as the next girl, but let’s not forget that a bedtime routine that prepares you for the next day is just as important—if not more.

By adding in just a few things before bed, you can get miles ahead of where you would be otherwise come morning. But what are some steps we can take to set ourselves up for success instead of scrolling Instagram?

I’m glad you asked—because we’re diving into the five things successful women do before they hit the sheets. We spend all day long responding to emails, answering our coworkers, completing tasks, and doing #allthethings that by the end of the night, a deep breath is not only well deserved but is needed for overall well-being.

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