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University of Zurich Proves Self-efficacy Boosts Resilience in Adversity

new study that was published by researchers at the University of Zurich is particularly refreshing. According to them, people can boost resilience simply by reflecting on what they’re capable of. This is great news since it’s a simple solution to the mental chaos people have been going through.

ADVERTISEMENT The study included, though very insightful, was relatively simple. It included 75 subjects. These subjects were instructed to recall an incredibly stressful and negatively emotional memory.They were then divided into two groups.

One group was instructed to vividly recall a positive event while the other group was instructed to recall a time they felt extremely self-efficacious. Then they were instructed to recall the negative emotional memory again. ADVERTISEMENT Researchers found that the group that recalled their self-efficacious moment were better able to view the negative emotional memory in a different light than the other group.

They had an easier time coping with the negative memory; some of them had an easier time after only one time recalling their self-efficacy.The researchers stated, “our study shows that recalling self-efficacious autobiographical events can be used as a tool both in everyday life and in clinical settings to boost personal resilience.” In other words, just remember how tough you are. Remember what you’re made of and it can get you through tough times. ADVERTISEMENT The term self-efficacy was coined by psychologist Albert Bandura.

He defined it as a person’s belief in their ability to handle and succeed in each situation. In short, it’s believing in yourself.Strong efficacy in yourself isn’t something that just happens or occurs. Just as unique life experiences change a person’s efficacy,

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