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Feeling “Meh” About Life? I Asked Mindfulness Experts How To Get Back on Track

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health. What’s not to be happy about, right? But some days, there’s no better way to honestly answer the polite greeting than with “Meh.” Some days, I find myself taking the place of Bill Murray as the starring role in Groundhog Day, and I’m left with an inexplicable feeling of being in limbo between not being depressed but not jumping for joy either.If that sounds familiar, we’re not alone.

Trust me: I have five mindfulness experts to back me up (and they all assured me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel). Ahead, read for their best tips to guide us back on track to feeling refreshed and inspired. “Meh,” who?

Between always being plugged in, the social media comparison game, and the everyday pressures of work and relationships, there are countless reasons why we are feeling stuck in a listless, in-between stage. “We tend to get our measuring sticks out and compare our lives to others, which can lead us to feel a lack of motivation or helplessness,” said Molly Zive, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and podcaster. “We carry beliefs consciously and unconsciously about ourselves, such as ‘I’m worthless’ or ‘I will never be good enough.’ These beliefs can interfere with your ability to live the most aligned life if you feel like you’re constantly struggling to prove yourself to others.”Not being in alignment with your values and desires can largely affect your mental health. “When we’re not in touch with ourselves, we might be making decisions that are objectively good—earning a certain degree, pursuing a promotion, or going on a trip with a friend—but are not the right decisions for us personally, leading to no sense of fulfillment, happiness, or inspiration to connect with life deeper,” said Dr..

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