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How I Protect My Mental Health in the Age of 'Doomscrolling'

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I’ll admit it: I’m a “doomscroller.” I wouldn’t call it “bad habit,” because at this point, it has gone beyond that. I’ve become an expert at perusing hundreds of articles, videos, and blog posts — some opinion, some news, and some opinion disguised as news — only to find that once I’ve put my phone down, I haven’t really “stopped.” The truth is, my brain hangs on to everything I read — every word, every implication, every angrily-worded comment — and I find myself trapped in a terribly maladaptive cycle that goes a little something like this: Check the news.

Fall down the rabbit hole. Feel hopeless. Check the news again in some deluded sense it will alleviate the hopelessness. Fall down the rabbit hole again.

Repeat the cycle. If you’re like me, this is a daily occurrence, even more so during difficult times (which, let’s be real, only seem to get worse rather than go away).

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