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5 Things All 6-Figure Earners Have In Common

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Is your dream to earn a 6-figure salary? Don’t be jealous of those who are doing it! Instead, look at the list of companies that has the greatest 6-figure salary earners, and learn what those people do that sets them apart!

Forbes’ top ten list of companies with the greatest number of six-figure salary earners include: JP Morgan Chase Google Microsoft HP Amazon web services Aside from earning a 6-figure salary, being affluent is also a matter of intention and perseverance. Here’s what those who earn a 6-figure salary all have in common: 1.

They Have a Sense of Self Control    Financial dependence is a skill most of us have yet to master. You would think that just because you have a 6 figure salary, you can splurge without having to look at price tags.

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