liking diagnosing adults ADHD Awareness Month

“What Costs More: The ADHD Tax or the Shame It Brings?”

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We turn to paper plates when our dishes pile up (which is often). I left a can of Coke next to my Chromebook, which ended predictably.

My therapist never sent me an appointment reminder; I now owe her for a full-cost, out-of-pocket session. We forget to plan dinner, and shell out for fast food more often than I like to admit.

My rooftop car carrier is affecting my gas mileage, but I keep forgetting to take it off. I should also inflate my tires. That subscription service is billing me again because I forgot to cancel it.The costs of life with ADHD are as plentiful and persistent as they are frustrating.Our disorder costs real money — not only to diagnose and treat, but simply to navigate.

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