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ADHD Awareness Month Contest: Win an ADDitude Magazine Subscription!

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What’s so great about ADHD Awareness Month? Among other things, it gives us the chance to shout from the mountaintops that ADHD is real and that people with ADHD — of all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds — are not broken or defective.

They are incredible and inspiring humans living in a sometimes broken and often unappreciative world that would be so much better off celebrating (not shaming) their differences.

So there. Join ADDitude’s celebration of ADHD Awareness Month by visiting our myth-busting education center, featuring our 2022 deep dive into ADHD’s comorbidities, a free calendar of events and resources, and a link to our free ADHD experts webinar in October, not to mention tons of great content to spread truth and understanding.

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