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Kind Teacher Brings Book Characters to Life for Her Students

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Budsies, the adorable stuffed animals are handmade replicas of any picture submitted. Pretty cool, right?! ADVERTISEMENT In this way, the students’ stories come to life, allowing their imaginations to blossom.

Instead of just reading a book, the students can visualize it with these cute stuffed animals. It makes learning an interactive experience rather than just a passive one.Shannon Anderson, an author and third-grade teacher at Van Rensselaer Elementary School in Rensselaer, Indiana, wanted to share her experience with Budsies.

The unique end-of-year project that she does with her students makes their stories seem more real. The pages genuinely jump out at them with the addition of the stuffed animals.Then I have that story that they’ve written sent to a publisher who makes it into a hardcover book for them to experience what it’s like to be a published author.

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