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7 Ways To Deal With The Child Who Doesn’t Understand Consequences

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As parents, a major part of our job is to discipline our children and help them to grow into the best people possible. However, this can get quite tricky, when your efforts to discipline your child turn out to be fruitless.While I tend to try to resort to punishment as a last-ditch effort, there are those moments when a time-out is necessary or another form of punishment.

However, what I never expected was for my son to shrug off my attempts to discipline him. In most cases, parents who experience this may feel like their child is stubborn or bad.

Instead of them being impacted by the punishment, they just smile and act like it’s not a big deal. While for some parents, this may push them to think that more punishment or harsher punishment is necessary, that actually will likely do more harm than good.For quite a while now, both psychologists and pediatricians alike have agreed that strict and harsh punishment is not only effective- but has been linked to childhood aggression.

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