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100-Year-Old Vegan Runner Still Lives His Best Life

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Great Vegan Athletes. “In two and a quarter years the tumor began to bleed, and I was operated upon. The surgeon looked for metastasis in 35 places and found zero.

In other words, my macrobiotic diet, [which became] a vegan diet, [which became] a whole-foods plant-based diet, killed the metastases!”In July 2022, the acclaimed plant-based athlete and author Rich Roll asked Fremont about his secrets to success.

He wanted to know how the 100-year-old maintained his endurance and competitive nature despite his age.When Roll asked Fremont what being 100 felt like, he said the last few years had been the best.Roll then asked: “How are you able to not just run marathons and half marathons in your late eighties and over the course of your nineties, but also set world records?

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