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Lifestyle Entrepreneur Lewis Howes on the Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity

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podcast are numerous, though two themes among reviewers’ praises stand out:“I’m so grateful; the content saves me hundreds of years of trying to figure out things by myself,” and, “I’m so thankful for Lewis’s curiosity and the authenticity he brings to every conversation.” of life-changing information is exactly what Howes was aiming for when he launched the podcast in 2013, though the path to get there wasn’t exactly that of a conventional, starry-eyed entrepreneur.

Instead, it took a career-ending injury and a broken dream to inspire Howes to start on his own path to greatness.The dream in question was professional football.

It’s the dream for a lot of young boys, particularly those who, like Howes, recognized their prowess on the field and quickly wrapped their identity within the game.The small-town Ohio native’s drive catapulted him to two-sport All-American status in college, followed by a season playing professionally in the Arena Football League.

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