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“The ‘Who Am I?’ Game That’s Ideal for Neurodivergent Brains”

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I played a simple yet rousing guessing game recently that I kept thinking would be great for my students with ADHD and other learning differences.The game has many versions and names, including “Who Am I?” and Guess the Famous Person.

We simply know it as the Tape Game. It’s sort of like HedBanz, but also a bit like Twenty Questions. Players ask one another yes/no questions to try to guess the identity of the mystery person whose name has been taped to their foreheads.Not only is this game easy to engage in, but the only supplies needed are painter’s tape and a permanent marker. (For better contrast, a neon color tape and black marker would be best.) Read on to learn how to play — and why this game is perfect for neurodivergent minds.[Read: The Best Board Games for Kids with ADHD]Here’s an example of the Tape Game in real time:Tape wearer #1, who doesn’t know that the name Lizzo is written on his head: Am I female?

Audience: Yes. Tape wearer #1: Am I an actress? Audience: No.Tape wearer #2, who doesn’t know that the name Bernie Sanders is written on his head: Am I alive?

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