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This Form of Discipline Will Completely Reshape How You Punish Your Kids

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One of the most commonly asked questions of any parent is “what is the best discipline technique that works?” When most of us think about discipline, we think of things like time out, spankings, or ‘grounding,’ however, these techniques do not work and in many cases, can do the opposite of what you are aiming for.So, what is the best form of discipline?

First and foremost, let us get out of the way: discipline does not mean punishment. Discipline is how we instill knowledge into our kids, by helping them to understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

When you hit your child, you aren’t teaching them anything. Even the American Pediatric Association has come out and stated that corporal punishment is not only ineffective, but can also be quite damaging.Joan Durrant, Ph.D.

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