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“Why Can’t My Child Be Normal?” It Could Be Due to One of These 6 Sensory Myths

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I cannot count the times I have asked myself, “Is there something wrong with my child?” Between my expectations and the expectations of others, I have seriously wondered.Now, let me explain.

The other day, I walked into the living room and found my 7-year-old trying to climb the walls. Then, the next day, I walked down to the basement to do laundry, and my nine-year-old was hanging upside down (using his hands) from a chain that was once used for a punching bag.

So, when I say that I have questioned whether they are normal or not, I mean it.If your child is constantly chewing on things, hates wearing certain fabrics, and complains about strange sounds, to the point of having a meltdown, then there may be a reason why your child does not behave normally.

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