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Couples Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling

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People often assume that couples therapy and marriage counseling are the same, but the terms refer to different treatments. Couples therapy is for people who are having problems in their relationship, whereas all kinds of people go to marriage counseling to strengthen a relationship and get coping tools to deal with future challenges in a healthy way.

Read on to learn more about marriage counseling vs couples therapy and learn how to find the right type of help for your relationship.Couples therapy is for couples who have unhealthy patterns of behavior.

With treatment, both parties work with a therapist to identify factors contributing to conflict. Research shows that couples therapy can help rebuild trust and offer healthier ways for couples to relate to each other. Couples therapy can:Marriage counseling might be a bit less formal and more short-term than couples therapy, and it isn’t just for couples with problems — think: premarital counseling.While it can help couples work through issues, marriage counseling can also help prepare a relationship for future challenges.

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