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53 Inspirational Greg Plitt Quotes to Fire You Up

Greg Plitt was a motivational legend who had quite the inspirational journey. He was a bodybuilder, actor, speaker, model and American Army Ranger. During his infamous career, Greg would push his body to its physical limits because he believed that he had none.

Since his untimely death, Greg’s words of wisdom have resonated with millions through his youtube videos, workouts, and motivational sayings.1. “Second by second you lose the opportunity to become the person you want to be. Take charge of your life.”  – Greg Plitt2.

“Every action has a purpose. When every action has a purpose every action has a result.” – Greg Plitt3. “You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that you want others to remember you for later.” – Greg Plitt4.

“Life isn’t about waiting the storm to pass. It’s about dancing in the rain.” – Greg Plitt 5. “Opportunities don’t come knocking on the door.

They present themselves when you knock the f*#king door down.” – Greg Plitt6. “Today begins, tomorrow continues, and it never ends until you reach your goal.” – Greg Plitt7. “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.” – Greg Plitt8. “In life, it’s not the genetic guy who wins or the guy with the most potential who wins; it’s the person with the greatest perseverance who wins. Always be willing to get up and go at it again and again. That’s the guy who has his hands raised later in life. That’s the guy you guys need to be.” – Greg Plitt9. “The pump is one of the better highs in life.

You don’t need to shoot up for it, you don’t need to snort it. All you’ve got to do it sweat for it.” – Greg Plitt10. “The real tragedy in life isn’t someone who hasn’t achieved their goal, it’s the person that never had a goal to begin with.”

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