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Can Organic Marketing on Facebook Be Effective in 2022?

As another cat video is served to me in my Reels on Facebook, I am beginning to wonder if this platform can still serve to attract clients to my coaching business. And as the wondering turns into worrying, I feel a pressing need to make some vital changes to what worked for my solopreneur business for half a decade.In this article, I invite you to join me as I share my personal insights and contemplate possible adjustments and embrace change – especially if you have been relying on organic marketing and your personal brand to find clients on Facebook.In 2017 I started using my Facebook profile very actively, raising awareness around my new business direction as a coach and trainer for online visibility.

I’d gathered an extensive experience over the years helping small businesses, solopreneurs, and various projects. Using social media marketing and networking, I helped them build the visibility they required to boost their businesses or achieve other goals (like winning a public vote contest for a national award.) I was ready to “take over the world” and was looking for a platform where I could get the most visibility to reach more people in my audience.And although I was not the “first to the party,” I was still enjoying the benefits of surfing the wave of a Facebook algorithm for extended reach.

Over the next couple of years, I became an expert on Facebook profile marketing (using a personal profile for social networking and social selling rather than a business page). As Facebook was running out of advertising space to sell, pages’ organic reach suffered tremendously, and I found using a personal profile in a very authentic way and without bending any policies and terms and conditions actually worked perfectly,

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