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Dead Men Tell No Tales: How to Navigate a Mutiny as a Leader in 10 Steps

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You’re the manager. You’re the supervisor. You’re the leader. But maybe your people don’t see it that way and perhaps that has created a divisive and adversarial working environment that makes it difficult for you to influence and inspire your team in a way that meets your vision.Sounds like your ship is headed for a mutiny, Captain.It’s going to be alright.

I’ve been there too. Allow me to share a prime example:When a military recruiter discusses an applicant’s potential future as a member of their agency, typically a criteria comparison is conducted to ensure the applicant meets the organization’s extraordinary enlistment standards prior to moving forward.These standards are usually focused on academics, physical fitness, moral standing within the community, medical history, and aptitude.If the agency’s high standards are met, and the applicant signs a contract and swears in as a demonstration of allegiance to the country, then the next person the applicant meets in the chain of initiation will be a drill instructor of some sort.

That’s a demanding hiring process.Unless, of course, you were an “applicant” for the agency where I served as a drill instructor.

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