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Why Ulcerative Colitis Is Not Just A Bathroom Disease

Ulcerative colitis (UC) certainly feels like a bathroom disease when I spend so much time on the toilet. I get sick of constantly focusing on the stupid bathroom. I’m always alone there. No one else understands the pain I experience while I distract myself by imagining Marjorie Simpson’s hair in the patterns on the white vinyl floor. It can be lonely, especially at night. 

Most people disengage and dismiss my suffering as soon as they hear the words bowel or diarrhea. I get it; it grosses me out too. But UC is not your great aunt’s irritable bowel (which I really don’t want to hear about). Rather, the symptoms go way beyond the bathroom. 

I’ve had UC for 56 years, beginning at age 10, and I still get symptom surprises. I’ve had sores in my

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