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When I Struggled to Be More Patient With My Mom With Alzheimer's

Early on in my mom’s Alzheimer’s, I would pick her up at her house and take her out somewhere. We would mostly go out to lunch or shopping, but sometimes we got our hair done or went to the movies.

As much as I enjoyed spending time with my mom, I often found myself frustrated and embarrassed by her. I would lose my patience and snap at her all the time.

I didn’t do it to be mean and I’m not even sure I realized I was doing it at all. I hadn’t accepted her Alzheimer’s yet and still expected her to act normally, whatever that means.

My mom never seemed to notice though. She would just smile sweetly or laugh nervously and move right along. She never snapped back at me or got visibly upset with me for being so impatient with her.

One day I

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