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Iowa Teacher Built Thousands of Desks for Students During Virtual Learning

Donations kept pouring into his accounts after he posted about his project on Facebook. The community donated a table saw, sanders, and a $500 gift card to Home Depot! Local businesses, lumberyards, and residents supplied tools to contribute to the mission.As of June 18, 2022, Evans and his team of over 50 volunteers have constructed 2,149 desks. They initially hoped to build 2,020 (representing the year) and surpassed their goal by over 100 desks! Evans even launched a community build day at Ankeny Christian Church, where volunteers constructed 100 desks.Each desk costs around $20-25 to build, and the team works on them in Evans’ garage or a storage unit.

Evans told GMA they aimed to raise another $30,000 for additional materials. After they construct the desks, local educators pick them up and deliver them to needy students.“I became a teacher to help kids. That was it.

It wasn’t for the summer breaks,” he told Good Morning America. “I volunteer wherever I can. I want to see them learn and grow.

Learn and grow in my classroom… I want to see them learn and grow at home too.” ADVERTISEMENT In 2021, Woodworking With a Purpose expanded the movement by making thirteen hope chests for local foster children. In addition, the nonprofit bought and delivered a hundred bookshelves and over four hundred books to families in the Des Moines area. Evans revealed that he eventually hopes to help families in other states.Evans added that many families don’t have the resources to provide bookshelves and desks for their children.

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