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Before 'Free Britney,' Jenny Hatch Was Fighting for Guardianship Reform

Before Britney Spears’ famous case for freedom, there was a 29-year-old woman named Jenny Hatch in Virginia.

“I just need a little help.” That’s what Jenny Hatch told her lawyer Jonathan Martinis when she was fighting for her right to be free of guardianship. Jenny was in a dire situation forced to live in a group home in another city after she had a bicycle accident. Her phone, computer, right to go to her church, ability to go to her job, and ability to make her own choices in life were taken away. Her life as she knew it was taken away. Why? Because her parents had guardianship. Why? Because Jenny Hatch has Down syndrome.

Jenny is a smart, resourceful young woman. She had a job at a local thrift store and had become close with the owners

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