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Tips on Finding the Best Workplace for Your Mental & Physical Health

Listen to The Mighty Podcast episode, “Tips on Finding the Best Workplace for Your Mental & Physical Health” A transcript is provided below.

In this special minisode, Mighty staff members Ashley Kristoff and Camara Rauen dive into the pros and cons of working from home and going to an office or dedicated workplace, and the impact both physical and mental health can have on those decisions.

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If Working From Home Negatively Affects Your Mental Health, You’re Not Alone Transcription:

Ashley Kristoff Welcome to The Mighty Podcast where we infuse the health space with positivity, humor, and vulnerability. The Mighty is a safe and supportive community here to help you find the people and information you need to navigate your health journey. We’re so excited to spend some time together today. Now let’s get into what the health we’re talking about.

So today we’re going to do something a little bit different where myself and our producer Camara want to share some of our quick tips around health. So hi, Camara.

Camara Rauen Hello, Ashley, how is the day going?

Ashley Kristoff It is, you know, chaotic, but that’s kind of life. So, you know, I’m trying to roll with it. What about you?

Camara Rauen I’m doing all right, you know, here in my home, working from home. As you know, this is the conversation we’re about to have is how our mental health can affect our working styles. And I’m really excited

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Ashley Kristoff

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